Human Resources & Corporate Services Salary Survey 2015 - Hong Kong

Human Resources & Corporate Services Salary Survey 2015 - Hong Kong

about 4 years ago by Aquis Search

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Human Resources & Corporate Services Salary Survey 2015 - Hong Kong.

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Due to an increase in client demand in Human Resources & Support functions, Aquis Search extended its remit and offering in 2014 to offer services to this growing gap in the market. We are pleased to report that what we are seeing is a market with continuous movement and activity.


There has been particular activity in the Private Practice, Paralegal space in Hong Kong. This movement has been seen in both the US and UK law firms who seek continued support for their fee earners and Partners.

Corporate Paralegals are especially sought after to offer assistance with work on Mergers & Acquisitions in China and other cross-border deals, as growth in the region continues to strengthen. However, candidates with corporate IPO experience are rare in the market. We also expect to see a demand for Intellectual Property (IP) Paralegals, particularly in brand protection as companies continue to expand into China, developing the need for anti-counterfeiting and verification work.

The above mentioned shortages in quality candidates are likely to cause an increase in salaries due to competitive advantage in the market. In order to obtain the top candidates, employers should expect to increase their remuneration packages.

For the year of 2015, we expect to see a steady upturn in activity and movement especially towards the second and third quarter of the year.

Support Staff

Support staff provide the backbone to all businesses. Positions such as Office Administration, Legal Secretaries and Business Development have increased in importance as many businesses look to meet growing client demands. For the past year, due to greater competition and retention in the legal industry, we saw an increased number of Legal Secretaries obtaining legal qualifications to stay ahead of the market. Business Development has increased in headcount due to increased market activity, especially from China. As organisations look to ensure they are hiring the right fit, most interview processes for many levels of support staff are lasting longer with three or four stages of interviews.

Human Resources

Human Resources professionals who specialise in Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development and Talent Acquisition continue to be in high demand across all industries. There was substantial increase in demand for experienced Generalist HR professionals during the last two quarters of 2014, which is expected to continue into 2015. Candidates with China or regional exposure who possess English and Chinese language skills are particularly valued as organizations continue to expand to the PRC.

In Financial Services and the Legal sector, employers seek HR who can strategically develop merely operational and administrative responsibilities to more business aligned function. Contract roles are likely to increase within many areas in 2015 as some companies struggle to secure permanent headcount. Organisations are likely to offer year-end bonuses ranging from one to two months of base salary depending on individual and company performance. Salary increment should remain in line with 2014.


HR Professionals

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary (HKD)
HR Officer/ Assistant1 - 4192K - 300K
HR Associate/ Assistant HR Manager5 - 8336K - 420K
HR Manager/ HR Business Partner9 - 12456K - 1.2m
HR Director/ Head12+1.2m+

Learning & Development Officer1 - 3240K - 336K
Learning & Development Manager4 - 6360K - 696K

Compensation and Benefits Specialist1 - 5300K - 384K
Compensation and Benefits Manager6 - 10480K - 768K

Legal - Private Practice

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary (HKD)
Junior Paralegal1 - 3180K- 360K
Paralegal4 - 6420K-540K
Senior Paralegal6+540K+

Business Development/Marketing

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary (HKD)
BD Executive/Coordinator1 - 3192K - 276K
BD Senior Executive/Coordinator4 - 5300K - 420K
BD Manager6 - 8480K - 744K
BD Senior Manager9 - 12780K - 900K
Head of BD13+960K - 1.4m

Company Secretary

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary (HKD)
Company Secretarial Assistant1 - 2180K - 300K
Company Secretarial Officer3 - 5240K - 480K
Senior Company Secretarial Officer6 - 8456K - 672K
Deputy Company Secretary9 - 11588K - 984K
Company Secretary12+780K - 1.4m

Legal Secretary

Years of ExperienceAnnual Salary (HKD)
Legal Secretary1 - 4168K - 336K
Senior Legal Secretary5+396K+