Aquis Search Works with Unison to Help Offer Career Guidance to Ethnic Minority University Students.

Written by Aquis Search

Consultants at Aquis Search have kick started a career guidance program for ethnic minority students graduating this year from Hong Kong universities. The students are all in scholarship programs and are currently in their 3rd and 4th year. The project was instigated by Aquis Search and Unison, a charitable organisation that raises awareness and supports immigrants, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities residing in Hong Kong, and comes under a wider initiative, titled “People Matter”. Unison has been consistently supporting ethnic minority students and families and its aim this year is to help students transition into the work force.

Aquis Search held an informal session in January 2017, with the aim of understanding what the students feel will be the biggest challenges facing them upon graduation. Aquis Search will take the information gathered from the session and design a training program that will support the students as they seek employment for the first time. Key outcomes identified in this initial session included the need to help the students gain industry knowledge and to build and demonstrate leadership and management skills. The training program currently being developed by Aquis Search will address these two areas, as well as providing practical advice on job searching, interview skills and CV writing.

Project leaders Miriam Leung and Bharisha Mirpuri said “As a recruitment firm we receive hundreds of CVs a year, many from recent graduates. It is very difficult for them to make their CVs stand out and convince potential employers that they are worth the investment. We are hoping that our training program will help give students the practical advice and confidence to promote themselves and their skills and make the most of the opportunities in their chosen industries.”

Aquis Search is piloting the project in 2017, with the aim of forging an ongoing partnership with Unison, and developing a long-term mentoring relationship with the students that offers help, support and advice throughout the year and beyond. 

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Head of Marketing 
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