The Rise of Contract Recruitment

Written by Scott Harrison


The contract recruitment market is growing as companies are attracted by the flexible and scalable nature of structuring their teams for specific projects or to meet set goals. The workforce is better mobile and agile than ever before, and employers are finding they are more able to respond to market conditions with an exceptionally talented workforce available on demand. Hiring professionals on a contract basis is typically a much faster process than hiring additional permanent headcount. Organisations are able to hire the skills they need for the project in hand however long or short the timeframe.

The benefits of using contract professionals.

There are many benefits of using contract professionals, but we have found that most of our clients are approaching us to help them fill a specific skills gap for the duration of project or in a period of rapid expansion.

Experienced talent.

Contractors often have specialist skills and knowledge, and are capable of carrying out a particular role, meaning no extra cost for training. There is added value from the experience acquired by the contractors who have worked in different environments.

Temporary cover. 

A temporary resource helps ease the workload during busy periods, sickness/maternity cover or fulfil any required project work with minimal disruption.

Speed of response.

Contract staff can often be provided quickly. If managers need someone urgently, this is a clear solution.

Ease of sign off.

It is often far easier to bring on a temporary contractor than a permanent headcount.

Cost efficiency. 

Hiring a permanent employee takes an investment of time and money. Hiring a contractor is typically a quicker process and if you choose, Aquis Search can manage your payroll, also saving you any upfront fees.

Market volatility. 

Employers sometimes do not feel confident in committing a permanent resource in fluctuating markets. Companies may choose an interim resource whilst monitoring market conditions at the same time as ensuring current workload is fulfilled.

Limited liability. 

Organisations can choose how to partner with Aquis Search to hire contractors. We work with clients to recruit in the same way as hire permanent staff, or we can take on the responsibility of the contractor from beginning to end in line with industry best practices. In short, the cost and liability of the contractor can rest solely with Aquis Search if required.

Ongoing support. 

Once they have commenced a placement, we maintain regular contact with both the client and the contractor to ensure the relationship is overseen for the duration.

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