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The Growth of First Line of Defense Positions in Banking

Written by Amanda Ansell

Banking regulations and opportunities are reactive, with new requirements from the regulators the banks have created new
opportunities to comply and these roles are an opportunity for individuals to move into something new. Take for example
first line of defense positions within banks. These positions were created as regulators saw a lack of supervision in the bank’s
business processes and while traditionally an internal auditor would be responsible for the control framework the traditional
audit plan was not adequate in the eyes of the regulators.

For first line of defense positions they require individuals with a good ability to work closely with the business and provide an
active process control framework. The flexibility in the requirements have created new opportunities for individuals who are
either working in the business looking to take a step back or from other lines of defence who are looking for closer interaction
with the business with the opportunity to put together the control framework.

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