What do companies look for in blockchain professionals? Blog

What do companies look for in blockchain professionals?

Written by Amit Desai

Blockchain related hiring is on the rise and there is a noticeable shortage of talent this year to date. To take full advantage of the opportunities and packages on offer, we investigate the question we are most often asked by candidates - How do you get hired by top blockchain companies?

First, let’s look a little deeper at the core of what blockchain really is. In its simplest form, blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger that records structured data (transactions) based on the consensus of a peer-to-peer network. It’s a transparent, permission-less, open-source network that anyone can participate in just by downloading software on to their computer. Originally devised for the decentralised and secure transfer of digital currency, potential uses of blockchain technology is continuously evolving thanks to its community of engineers and enthusiasts.

The hiring focus of organisations in the past 12-months has been to attract the most talented programmers; making blockchain engineering the second most demanded skill in labour markets. (UpWork Citation). How can professionals make themselves marketable and better suited to land a job at a top blockchain company, for technical and non-technical roles?

Join the discussion

Firstly, you need to be an active participant in the blockchain community. That means read as much literature and information available about blockchain protocols, cryptography, and distributed ledger technology. Join your local blockchain meet-ups, actively participate and put your enthusiasm and passion on display. If your region doesn’t have an active community, perhaps you should think about organising one and connect with other interested parties. There’s an adage, if you build it; they will come.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work

The most important advice would be to simply get involved anyway that you can There are enough open source projects floating around and opportunities to contribute to keep you busy. Begin interacting with members of the community, develop your profile on Github or become a whitepaper reviewer. Network yourself with like-minded enthusiasts and you’ll uncover opportunities in this market. The point is when you start somewhere, you will always end up creating your own opportunities.

Look beyond the tech limitations

Outside of the programming career path, there arean abundance of highly sought after non-technical jobs right now in the blockchain community. Companies are searching for product managers, community marketers, legal experts and business development managers at the same pace they are searching for talented engineers. Much of the same ethos apply in this space, participate, network and apply yourself. The blockchain industry is growing and entering uncharted territories where the next new career is simply undiscovered yet.

Demonstrate your passion and interest

Having a deep understanding of the design rules and how different blockchain protocols behave is usually the strongest indicators for employability in this emerging space. However, showing your passion and taking it upon yourself to learn is often what separates you from the next candidate. Furthermore, when a future employer evaluates a candidate’s overall fitness for the role, it will always come down to how well you can articulate the benefits of using blockchains to improve processes and/or transactions that affect your industry. If you can combine technical prowess, unbridled enthusiasm and energy with real world application, you will truly stand-out amongst your peers.


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