Are You with the Right Recruitment Consultant?

Are You with the Right Recruitment Consultant?

9 months ago by Tanvi Kamdar

Job seeking can be an overwhelming experience, and as you start to plan your next career move, you will quickly realize there are hundreds of recruitment firms out there.  Each firm offers varying levels of functional and geographical coverage and expertise. To maximize your chance of being considered for your dream role, you need to spend some time to identify the best partners. Below are some of the critical points to find.    


There is a level of technical understanding that recruiters are expected to have that enables them to best match candidates to a role. If you work in a niche or technical field, a few pointed questions will quickly flush out those that do not have the necessary knowledge to best help you with your search. You want them to have the credibility to represent you in the best possible light and to attract the client briefs in the first place. 

Make sure your consultant has a significant and demonstrable track record in your area or at least backed by a strong team with similar experience. Many recruiters come from the industry the recruit for, and although this isn’t always the necessary experience, it is a benchmark that helps you assess if they have the industry contacts they claim. 


If a candidate is considering moving to a different country for a job, it is crucial to have a local presence so that one can advise the Job Seekers beyond Work fronts such as culture, housing, taxes, and schooling. It provides you with a complete guide to the local market situation and helps you set the realistic parameters for your search.   

Size and Scale 

A right consultant always focuses on finding the right job for the candidate. Good recruiters will always introduce you to the fellow experts within their organization because good recruitment firms are always happy to collaborate on skills, expertise or experience so that they can produce a wide range of great opportunities for the candidates. 

How are Recruiters Paid? 

If the incentive is individual-based, then it pushes the consultant to oversell the positions or try to place the candidates within their contacts. Also, take time and find the recruitment firm who incentivizes their recruiters to work on the long-term benefits of the candidate. In such a structure, the consultant focuses on the long-haul development of candidate instead of placing the candidate and move on. They will push themselves to find positions which will best suit your profile with the view of establishing a long-term partnership.