Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Recruitment - a Travelling Recruiter’s Story

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Recruitment - a Travelling Recruiter’s Story

4 months ago by Gareth Rees

I started with Aquis Search in January 2010, having previously flown over from London to Hong Kong to meet James and Scott, the business owners in December 2009. It was their drive which really attracted me to make such a life-changing move of leaving the UK and relocating to the other side of the world. But it wasn’t just their drive that impressed me, it was also the belief that they had in me to set up the finance and accounting sector in the business. From a personal perspective that trust was important to me at the stage in my career that I was at and I think it speaks volumes to the culture that has built up in the ten years since inception; if you are able to evidence that you have the same level of drive and entrepreneurial vision then the business will back you and encourage you to thrive

It’s fair to say that there have been some fundamental and exciting changes in the business since I joined in 2010 and when I look back at the rate of growth in the business, comparing then to where we are now, I think it’s an exciting journey that we’ve been on. What’s more exciting is where we’re going. I joined a start-up with two credible individuals who wanted to really achieve something for themselves, but it became clear to me that this was a journey they wanted to take other people on too.

From a career perspective, it was great because I was given exposure to a variety of different industry niches and regions. I already had finance and accounting experience when I joined Aquis Search, but straight away I was exposed to audit, for example, which allowed me to spread my coverage and learn more. The development I went through when joining was exponential and I think that is an important ethos that we continue to push even today. I was also given regional exposure too, being able to help set up the Singapore office and manage a team of individuals across a wider geographical area, which meant I was able to operate on a broader scale with employers looking to move operations across country borders.

I’ve since moved to help set up the growing London team and so as a living case study that the business is willing to invest, I can testify that when an individual has an idea and enough drive and desire to do their best to succeed, the business will get behind that individual, embracing their entrepreneurial spirit.

It’s also important to have the right tools to succeed as a recruiter and that is a value that remains a strong part of the fabric of our organisation even today, evident   when you consider the way the business is geared towards minimising the administration time spent by consultants, so they can focus on the core relationship-focused side of being in recruitment. To me, and certainly many peers in the industry that I speak to, that is what we love about recruitment. To be able to maximise the time spent on relationship building and minimising admin through the infrastructure and support team you get access to at Aquis Search, is a great plus.

The evolution of the business as we speak continues to excite and the rest of the team I work within Aquis Search. We’re elevating ourselves into a larger corporate entity whilst still striving to maintain those core principles that were initially set out by James and Scott when I joined.

If you’re thinking about joining an organisation which will embrace your entrepreneurial and competitive spirit, that will encourage you if you have the drive and passion to succeed, then you can either get in touch with me or any of the team for a chat today.

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