What Every Marketing Professional Needs to Know About MarTech

Written by Mandy Cassie

 It seems that there are very few disciplines or industries being changing beyond recognition by the current digital revolution and marketing is no exception. Digital marketing and technology platform companies are amongst the fastest growing in the world and their exponential growth shows no sign of abating. Demand is being driven by the need to stay ahead of the game by streamlining processes and achieving highly personalised and targeted campaigns is driving organisations’ enthusiasm for adopting technology in all areas of business.    

Not only is this opening a new field for marketing professionals to move into and forge successful careers, it is also becoming obvious that all marketers will need to have a basic understanding of how to deploy technology if they want to keep their brands prominent and relevant and deliver results that could change the way marketing interacts with wider business strategies.   

What is MarTech? 

Marketing technology, or MarTech, comes in many shapes and sizes but ultimately it is the practice of using the latest technology, including machine learning and AI, to automate any aspect of the marketing processes. The key to automation is the collection and analysis, in realtime, of data, which is then used to target a business or consumer and pull them into the purchase cycle. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions have expedited MarTech growth in the last 10 to 15 years, enabling providers to expand their reach to the business of all sizes, not just large corporates with deep pockets and stable IT infrastructures.  

Broadly there are two prominent strands of MarTech growth; technology that focuses on one aspect of marketing and digitalises the process and technology that pulls all aspects of marketing into one platform to facilitate campaign management. Either way, current technology covers marketing disciplines of campaign development and implementation including content management, tracking and metrics, sales enablement, advertising, graphic design, social media and conversion tools.  

If you are a marketer, you will undoubtedly have been using some form of MarTech for some time already, be it an email campaign platform, analytics programs or CRM systems. 

Skills Needed 

To secure a relevant and exciting role in the profession, today’s marketers need to have a number of implicit and soft skills that demonstrate to future employers that they can deliver enhanced campaigns using MarTech. Every company is adopting technology at different rates with varying degrees of success, so the exact skills required will be unique in a given situation, but the fundamentals remain the same.  

First and foremost, marketers will need to be able to understand the basic technology platforms, as well as how they work. Only with this fundamental grasp of the digital concepts can they build systems in place that deliver the desired results. Secondly, to fully implement MarTech, overarching digital strategies need to be put in place that aligns with the wider business strategies. Professionals need to understand the end game, thinking at the top level, so they can build a tactical MarTech program.  

Once a program is in place, the data collected will be immense, so successful campaigns will be dependent of a full analysis of said data. Marketing data analysis is already a profession in its own right, but every campaign manager will need to demonstrate the ability to process the information received and use it to enhance their campaigns.  

The best CVs will highlight future employees’ proven ability to fully harness the MarTech revolution, in addition to the soft skills that are more difficult to articulate on paper. These include being a quick learner, who is willing to adapt project flows quickly and creatively in response to metrics and who is always open to the next wave of innovation coming our way.  

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