Hong Kong Information Technology & Digital 2019 Mid-year Update

Written by Amit Desai

It has been six months since we published the 2019 Hong Kong Technology & Digital Salary Survey & Guide, which is a lifetime in the tech market. We speak to Director Amit Desai and find out what changes have taken place over the first half of the year.

At the beginning of the year it was challenging to find executive-level digital talent, is this still the case? 
Not so much, the digital market is maturing quickly and more senior candidates in this space are emerging. 

Rising salaries and a candidate-driven market have been key factors of the IT & digital recruitment market for the past few years, but which roles are most challenging to hire for in 2019? 
DevOps Engineers as it’s a new skill set and demand is so high! 

What measures are firms taking to retain talent once they have secured it? 
Retention bonuses or just more clarity and percentage targets being highlighted on contracts. 

With fintech evolving so quickly, what do professionals need to do to keep their skills up to date? 
Candidates should definitely focus on continual self-learning and gain more certifications or complete recognised training on the most recent technologies such as Cloud Computing. 

What advice would you give to IT & digital professionals looking to make a move in the next few months? 
Find a reliable and well-networked recruitment partner and spend time developing a relationship with him/her. Recruiters are best placed to give the most up to date and relevant advice, whilst working proactively on your job search. They are also able to give insights into the market. Leverage off their network and allow them to manage your search more effectively. I would always caution against working with multiple recruiters as that will not increase the probability of finding a new role and may have a negative effect. 

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