How to Write a Great CV for Tech Roles

Written by Tanvi Kamdar

The world is becoming more and more automated and the recruitment process – whether run directly by an employer or through a recruitment business – will use Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to sort and identify the best candidates for a role. This means that when you apply for a job, not only has your CV got to be even more concise, accurate and stand out than ever before, it needs to be peppered with the keywords as automated systems will be looking for.   

All CVs need to provide prospective employers with the fundamental information about you, your experience, your qualifications and your career goals. The difference with a technology CV is that it needs to include more granular information about the relevant technology you are adept in working with, outlining at what level you operate in, as well as the results you have delivered. To make matters more complex – it needs to be easy to read and the key elements extracted quickly and easily by firstly the ATS, then recruiter or client, as they identify a shortlist of people to interview.   

Our general advice to all candidates is to stick to some basic CV writing rules such as perfect spelling and grammar, consistent use of titles, subtitles, capital letters, punctuation and bullet points. It is also recommended that you write a compelling and articulate personal statement, detailing your work experience starting with the most recent, the same with your education. You must show you have achieved results by giving statistics where possible to support your successful delivery of a project or reaching a target.   

For technology CVs, most importantly, in addition to paying heed to standard advice on CV writing and formatting, you must include the following:-  

Technical Summary  

A technical summary should appear at the beginning of the CV and should include the most relevant information about your technical skills in as much detail as necessary such as certifications, operating systems, networks, programming and coding skills, software and hardware. Cross reference against the terms and requirements detailed in the job advertisement or description to make sure you can tailor the level of information you supply against the keywords hiring managers are looking for. If you have additional technical skills or accreditations that are not relevant to the role, they can go further down in your experience section, or a separate awards and certificates section at the end.   

Example: Technical Summary for Data Scientist in Financial Services Firm  

Microsoft and Google certified data researcher with a strong math background and five years of experience to use data processing to improve information productivity for financial services firms. Accomplishments incorporate making data predictive models to forecast organization stock value with 20% more precision than recorded normally. Accomplished a 10% improvement in venture returns across all customers. Skilled in AI, machine learning, and logical reasoning.  

Skill Section  

In your tech CV, it’s important you have a skills section and list out the single word technical skills. The benefits of this section are:  

  • These skills will work as a keyword for an ATS to track your application as the most relevant application  
  • It also helps recruiters on a manual screening process to understand how relevant technical knowledge a candidate has at one glance   

Make Sure you explain your work experience on these skills to make your info reliable and CV relevant.  



Technical skills   

Data Science, Python, Pig Latin, Hive, Hadoop Streaming, MongoDB, Flasketc.    

Machine learning skillset  

Descriptive Analysis, Univariate & Bivariate Analysis, Probability Distributions, Hypothetical Testing, Linear & Logistic Regressions, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Ada boost, Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes Algorithm, Clustering Techniques, Principle Components Analysis, Recommendation Systems, Text Analytics, Word Embeddings(frequency/prediction based)etc.  


Elaborate on your technical summary in your experience section by giving statistics to support your achievements where possible. If you delivered a project ahead of schedule and under budget, it is a compelling story a future employer will want to know about. It is also the section of the CV where you can elaborate on your non-technical skills such as people management or project management. Tech roles are evolving so quickly it is entirely possible that you may not have all the skills required for a position, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the capability to undertake the role, so where possible demonstrate transferable skills and your ability to keep up to date with the latest advances in your sector.  

Example: Work Experience for a Data Scientist Role in Marketing   

  • Created multivariate Gaussian oddity identification calculation in Python to recognise suspicious examples in system traffic   
  • Designed Decision tree modelling, utilizing R to foresee whether an email is a spam   
  • Head the 10-member team on a Data mining undertaking to forecast purchase in the retail space   
  • Developed segment examination to produce sectioned profiles of clients   
  • Made AI models with Python and scikit to figure out how to forecast vitality use of business structures with 98% exactness   
  • Built up a calculation in R that mechanized monetary determining  
  • Used random forest algorithm to help identify loyal customers likelihood of customer churn  


For many tech roles, you will be able to show examples of your work, so where possible and especially if relevant to the role (and especially if the work is impressive) then consider links to previous work or produce an online portfolio.   

Finally, we advise keeping a master CV on file that you can adapt for specific roles. As well as tailoring your CV very precisely to the role, it enables you to go into much more technical detail than is possible when restricted to one or two pages to showcase your whole career.   

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