Lead DevOps Engineer

Location: New Delhi
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 02_240320
Practice Area: Technology & Digital
A high-frequency trading firm that specialises in Quantitative Trading & Investment Strategies is hiring a Lead DevOps Engineer. As a Lead DevOps Engineer, you would be working closely with the software/FPGA development teams on one hand and the trading team on the other hand. As a Lead DevOps, you would be responsible for ensuring that not only every release meets the stringent development requirements but also sufficient guidelines are laid out for Prod-Support team. 
Release Planning & Management 
  • Overseeing the planning, scheduling, and controlling of software builds throughout each stage of development and across various environments (production, simulation etc) in different geographies. 
  • Reviewing test cases adequacy for any major releases. 
  • Ensuring that every release meets it desired objective as planned. Verifying results in live and suggesting configuration changes if any. 
  • Streamlining deployment process for the team's production trading, with a focus on making the processes scalable, fault-tolerant, and entirely automated. 
  • Issuing production server/network configuration required for the production/network team and ensuring that they are implemented as per the requirement. 
  • Ensure that the application logging is proper and sufficient to identify any potential bugs.  Come up with a plan to decrease logs over time for latency-critical applications 
Alerts & monitoring 
  • Ensure that a proper self-descriptive alert mechanism is in place which can be acted upon by the production team 
  • Configure greylog/splunk etc to process logs in real-time for any potential bug or performance issues. Maintain that distributed infrastructure across different locations along with the sys-admin team.  
  • Ensure that adequate documentation is put in place for the production support team to act on all generated alerts/potential bugs. 
  • Ensure that proper version control is maintained and documentation is updated for any potential version roll back
Resources optimisation
  • Designing detailed experiments with the development/Strategy team to identify the optimum configuration of all hardware resources to achieve the desired goals 
  • At least 7+ years of experience as a DevOps in a challenging environment 
  • At least 5+ years of experience in C++ /Python, Shell/Bash Scripting in order to successfully understand and comprehend the projects better. 
  • Be the primary point of contact for the production support team when issues do arise, even outside of normal working hours.
  • A compulsive approach of making any process scalable, fault-tolerant, monitored and entirely automated