Executive Search

The Aquis Search executive search service provides a thorough research-driven solution utilising our extensive network and in-house research capabilities. We offer our clients market and competitor mapping and detailed candidate feedback to ensure our clients make the most informed decisions. This approach involves a far more comprehensive search report including feedback on the target candidate pool, benchmark salary reporting, candidate reports and if requested candidate assessment reports. 

Our executive search approach has been utilised by our clients for over a decade and each assignment is handled by a specialist consultant who can bring their knowledge, network, and collaboration to the assignment. With this approach, our focus is on ensuring ideal organisational fit, alongside building appropriate frameworks for compensation and long-term retention.

Our executive search engagements are traditionally from clients looking to appoint senior leaders who can make a strategic impact. Alongside this, our clients are also looking for a detailed map of the available talent and wish to make an informed decision knowing that the most suitable talent has been the approach for the opportunity. Finally, for sensitive and confidential replacement roles, an executive search approach will ensure the right information is communicated in the right way to a select pool of talent. This requires a collaborative and transparent approach.

An executive search approach ensures the best possible recruitment outcome for the needs of our clients, and our deep resources has helped hundreds of organisations pick the best leaders in the market.