Singapore Legal Private Practice Salary Survey and Guide 2019

Download the Singapore Legal Private Practice Salary Survey and Guide 2019

The Aquis Search Singapore Legal Private Practice Salary Survey 2019 details salary information and recruiting trends in the business sectors we cover. Our information has been researched and collated with the help of our clients and candidates and from our working knowledge of the marketplace. 

Market Overview:

We are pleased to report that there has been a marked improvement in hiring within the Singapore legal private practice market during the course of 2018. This was a consequence of the increased flow of deals from emerging markets in South East Asia into Singapore in addition to more favourable economic conditions within Singapore generally. 

Singapore is increasingly becoming an attractive hub for international law firms seeking to widen their regional reach within the Asia Pacific. This has been achieved by international firms having a joint venture or tie-up with a localised practice with the outcome being that they now have the capacity to advise on Singapore law. 


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