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Finance & Audit

Transform with an exceptional finance team

Today’s finance professionals face multifaceted challenges including financial strategy, risk management, and regulation, all whilst driving sustainable growth. 

Exceptional finance professionals understand these challenges and possess the financial acumen, leadership skills and understanding to guide organisations towards growth and prosperity.

We possess an impressive track record of identifying and sourcing such distinguished professionals on both a permanent and interim basis. Our team of specialist recruiters includes former Big 4 professionals who are fully equipped to advise on the market.


Clients span multiple industries ranging from listed global firms to entrepreneurial start-ups and unicorns. Our expertise covers traditional accounting roles through to specialist positions and high impact roles.

Areas of expertise in finance include

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Technology Audit

Business Audit

Meet our consultants

Karan Sharma

Andrew Tsang

Finance, Compliance

Karan Sharma

Gordon Kwong

Finance, Risk

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