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Our Team

Meet our team of specialist consultants

As specialists, we can leverage our market knowledge and relationships to identify the most suitable professionals for our clients in a timely and confidential manner.

Scott Harrison


Jessie Lam

Operations, Human Resources

Yeca Zhu

Legal & Compliance

Annpurna Bist

Technology, Quants

Ankur Arora

Technology, Quants

Kelsey So

Legal Support

Anthony Liu

Investment Management

Karan Sharma

Legal, Human Resources

Daniel Vaz

Technology, Quants

Patrick Chan

Technology & Digital

Gordon Kwong

Finance, Risk

Ansir Mahmood


Tina Lu

Human Resources, Legal

Amit Desai

Technology & Digital

Yashesh Shah

Technology, Human Resources

Andrew Tsang

Finance, Compliance

Morris Chan


Ekta Narula

Technology, Human Resources

Jassimran Saluja

Head of Internal Recruitment

Raj Thind

Partner, Middle East

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