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Talent Intelligence

Talent Intelligence for smarter hiring

Secure the best talent and stay ahead of the competition.

Harness data for strategic talent decisions

Data is the key to hiring success. Without clear insights and a thorough understanding of the talent pool, it’s challenging to make informed, strategic hiring decisions. 


That's where Aquis Search comes in.


Our consultants have spent years of their careers studying market trends, uncovering top talent, and planning hiring strategies for MNCs, financial institutions, and startups. They are also supported by a dedicated research team that provide further market intelligence on ‘hard to find’ less visible talent.


Together, we provide our clients with detailed research solutions that enhance decision-making for hiring and organisational development.

Why work with us?

Our in-depth market knowledge ensures you make informed decisions that strengthen your talent acquisition strategies, minimise risk, and secure top talent effectively.

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Our talent intelligence methodology

Our process identifies candidates in specific markets and uses this data to identify key competitors, target skills and core competencies that will enhance your team and inform strategic hiring.


We analyse the competitors in the market, potential transferable skills, and ensure a match with our client’s role and culture. We can help uncover potential leaders who’ll be with your business for the long term by proactively planning your future talent, assessing leadership bench strength, and identifying succession gaps.

Use our insights to get ahead by preparing for future roles, understanding market dynamics before you hire, securing accurate compensation data, and planning for succession, diversity, and talent benchmarking. 

Remuneration Surveys

Industry & Function Studies

Market Mapping

Meet your talent intelligence specialists

With decades of recruiting experience, our consultants focus on communication, transparency and a collaborative approach. This gives you the control and understanding of what is happening at every stage of the recruitment process. 

Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison


Scott Harrison

Ansir Mahmood


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