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C++ HFT Tech lead – leading investment firm


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Trading firm




Fantastic opportunity to lead the tech team of the HFT business within the firm. You will work closely with traders to build a C++ based low latency trading system for Indian exchanges.


Strong knowledge and deep understanding of Low latency C++ and optimizing C++ systems.

Very strong at Algorithms and Data Structures including lockless algorithms. 

Excellent knowledge of networking protocols and its programming with different network cards. 

Excellent skills in multi-threading, shared memory 

Good understanding of end-to-end latency measurement of a system of a trading system. 

Good knowledge of Linux kernel. 

Should have a clear understanding of trading terminology Order, Trade, Tick, Position, Orderbook etc. 

Should have developed back-testing systems with exchange simulators to facilitate trading research for HFT. 

Should have a strong understanding of concepts of Indian Exchange like NNF Trading Protocols (APIs) including various order types and other trading rules.

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