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Frontend Design and Development Lead


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Financial Services


Pune, India


The Digital Development team seeks a lead frontend developer to collaborate closely with various stakeholders in crafting digital experiences across desktop and mobile platforms. Mastery of React for modern front-end application development is essential, along with a demonstrated ability to build scalable and high-performing web applications using contemporary JavaScript practices. Additionally, the ideal candidate should possess a strong aesthetic sensibility, understanding the artistic aspects of web design and demonstrating expertise in mobile-first, responsive web patterns, and UX/UI design principles, supported by proficiency in HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility.

In this role, the candidate will play a pivotal role in the ongoing planning and development of innovative and interactive functionalities aimed at enhancing the company's digital presence. Given the technology-centric nature of the position, strict code management using GIT is imperative. Moreover, the candidate will be responsible for leading a small team through all project stages, including planning, development, and bug fixing, necessitating a proven track record of mentorship and leadership to foster team growth and success.


Lead a small team through the entire project lifecycle, ensuring successful completion.

Engineer and maintain diverse web pages for the company's website, emphasizing functionality and support.

Possess a strong grasp of SEO and Accessibility principles for website optimization.

Drive front-end development efforts, employing effective solutions and methodologies.

Create innovative interactive design solutions within project timelines, collaborating to enhance business initiatives and platform functionalities.


Over 7 years of web-based application development experience, showcasing a strong foundation in the field.

Extensive 5+ years of expertise in React, including ContextAPI, hooks, best practices, and unit testing, reflecting advanced proficiency in front-end development.

Solid understanding of modern JavaScript (ES6+) and familiarity with various web libraries, tools, and frameworks like jQuery, NPM, and JSON.

Demonstrated experience in requesting and processing data from REST APIs, highlighting practical knowledge in this area.

Comprehensive grasp of Responsive Web Design complexities, ensuring seamless user experiences across various devices, coupled with proficiency in creating engaging interactions conforming to W3C standards on mobile devices like iPad and iPhone.

Work Environment: Hybrid setup (3 days in/ 2 days out) with flexibility in timings.

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